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Electronic Ad Submission
The following electronic ad printing services are available through magazines. In order to reproduce ads which consistently meet customer expectations within the deadline constraints of a digital magazine, all material must be submitted in accordance to the following specifications. Please direct any additional questions to the Advertising Operations Department at 215-554-4815

Media Transport

  • FTP delivery is available. Contact Ad Operations at the number above for details. Vince 215-554-4815

File formats supported

  • Jpeg, Png, Tiff
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF files are preferred, as no fonts or linked artwork needs to be sent along. See “Submission Guidlines” below.

Submission guidelines

  • All ad work submitted must be in final form. The Advertising Operations Department will not make any changes to electronic files. If troubleshooting is necessary, production charges will be asserted in accordance with the established production rate of $85 per hour with a $50 minimum. Charges will be discussed with the customer prior to revision work.
  • Include all linked graphics. Do not rename artwork after importation into the final document; links will not update.
  • If needed graphic services are available for designing an ad, price of 85 per hour plus price of advertising slots



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  • ($150)  per month / 728×90 Bottom Ad Top of Home page
  • ($100)  per month / 728×90 Bottom Ad Middle of Home Page
  • ($75)  per month / 728×90 Bottom Ad Bottom of Home Page
  • ($25)  per month / 360×184 Side Ad
  • ($50)  per month / 360×264 Long Side Ad