imageCheri Davis Ceo and Author of Luv Ya Hair, a Magazine Based on loving your hair, now, and forever. Based in Philadelphia, PA LYA loves to be creative and aims to showcase Styles from near and far.Healthy hair starts with a healthy you. The protein, vegetables, dairy, water and vitamins that we ingest, gives our hair what it needs to be healthy from the inside. The water that we drink acts as an agent to keep the blood flowing freely as nutrients are carried throughout the body. When the body receives the proper levels of nutrition and hydration that it needs to function and to repair itself, that is when the hair and nails are able to receive what they need to optimize health and growth. So, the body comes first. Then, your hair and nails come next.  HEALTHY HAIR HEALTHY YOU LUV❤️YA HAIR LIKE U LUV❤️YOURSELF‼️