Think that you have damaged hair? Your thoughts may be wrong. Here are five signs of healthy hair.


CMJN de baseElasticity :

If you have curly hair this can be major factor in determining if your hair is healthy. Do you ever experience shrinkage? Or does your hair back to its curly state in warm and humid weather? If so this means that your hairs elasticity is where it should be. Healthy curly hair snaps in place. Even during the detangling process, that snap” noise that you may here is your hair’s elasticity.

imageShed Hair:

We lose 50-100 hair per day. When I say lose hair I do not mean breakage but an actual entire strand of hair. Hair from the root detaches from the scalp when it’s hair cycle has ended. If you happen to see one of these haie( they have a small white bulb on the top) check the length of it. Does the length that you see match the length of  hair that you have? If not you may have breakage.


Smooth hair is a result of the cuticle layer of your hair lying flat. If your hair feels smooth and soft it could be in good shape but their are other factors such as the two above and two below. Usually when the hairs cuticle lies flat it results in shiny hair however there is an exception. Although shiny is a sign of healthy hair some people do not experience the amount of shine that others may. Do not solely depend on the shine of your hair to determine if it is healthy.

imageOverall Healthy:

Do you feels sick? Have you been sick lately or under the weather? Check your diet and determine if you are getting enough fruits, vegetables and protein. Usually the health of your hair is reflected by what do u put into your body.

imageSplit Ends:

We all split ends and single strands knots. I know, it’s very annoying. Take a look at your ends? Do you have lots of splits ends and strand knots? It’s okay to have a few because they are apart of  the hair journey. Clip those ends off if you see occurring often.

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